Consecration Date

If you are preparing your group for consecration to Jesus through Mary with our 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat, you will want to use the following as a guide to bring you to your day of consecration. Each specific date of consecration has a checklist that will help you prepare and make the most of your group's consecration date. Click on the file and get a check list specific to your needs for promoting, implementing, and running a successful consecration retreat. Each checklist begin 3 months before you consecrate. Be sure to amend as needed and to ask the Holy Spirit, the spouse of the Virgin Mary to guide you.

*Note: These are just a few of the Marian Feast Days. A complete list can be found on page 193 in the 33 Days to Morning Glory book. You can consecrate on any feast day, or on any day. You can also re-consecrate as many times as you'd like, and we do encourage you to always re-consecrate on your original consecration day each year.

Download Generic Checklist here: Retreat Coordinator Preparation Checklist